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The Place at 81 Yale

Via ~ Apartment

Love my new place and your staff is amazing. I love that we can have our dogs regardless of breed. And its such a quiet neighborhood. And only 5 minutes from work. I would definitely reference people to come here. We love it and our fur babies love it

The Place at Quail Hollow

Via ~ Apartment Ratings.Com

I was looking for a good apartment in a safe and local area. I was also wanting something with a full size washer and dryer. The apt. Was very clean and had a very good home feel. Plus, compared to what is around it, it was a great value for the money!

The Place at 101 Sheridan

Via ~ Apartment Ratings.Com

This was the second apartment I viewed before moving to Tulsa and I immediately loved it. The whole place gives a nice calm feeling and the staff were very quick with my application, by the end of the visit I had signed the lease. The elevators made moving in a snap!