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SALT Yoga South

SALT Yoga South

A boutique style yoga studio with 2 locations in Tulsa: Utica Square and 91st & Yale.

Our mission is to make yoga fun and accessible to everyone – men, women and children of any skill. Yoga benefits everyone and can be done by anyone. It’s an exercise that doctors everywhere applaud. At SALT, we believe yoga isn’t something that is intimidating, exotic or complicated.

YOGA IS FUN! And SALT is the place to explore your abilities and celebrate your achievements in a relaxed, non-judgemental atmosphere. Come as you are…our instructors are here to serve you! Our staff is friendly and client-oriented; our studio is beautiful and practical; our instructors are positive and professional. Our Midtown and outh locations are convenient with plenty of parking and our class times are varied to fit your busy schedule. Come practice with us!

Our Studios

When we created SALT, we incorporated the best parts of all the great studios we had enjoyed in our own yoga journey. The result is an organic, peaceful, beautiful studio that also has functionality. Students practice on beautiful, eco-friendly bamboo flooring. And, we are the only yoga studio in Oklahoma equipped with a state-of-art radiant heating system. Once you visit SALT, you will see that we only had one thing in mind: to offer the best yoga experience possible.

Why Use Infrared Heat While Practicing Yoga? Infrared heat penetrates below the skin, into the muscle tissue. Warming the body enables muscles to stretch further and more deeply with a lower risk of injury. Radiant heat is sun-like warmth: natural, silent, draft-less and odorless. It’s perfect for people who suffer from seasonal allergies and arthritis.

Practicing hot yoga also:
Detoxifies the body
Increases circlulation
Strengthens the cardiovascular system
Improves skin appearance
Strengthens the immune system
Reduces pain and cellulite

The temperature in all classes (excluding kids and senior) will range from 90 – 95 degrees. Come get hot and sweaty with us at SALT!

Why the name “SALT”?

Because we are all called to be the “Salt of the Earth”. Salt cleanses, heals, protects and preserves. Salt is pure, organic and true to itself. Like salt, we are called to be a positive influence in our world. Our kindness and caring for others can influence every relationship from those in our homes to all those we encounter in a positive way. May we be salt (and light) in all we do.

Where: 8931 S Yale Ave Tulsa, OK 74137