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DIY Projects For Any Apartment

When moving into a new place, we all want to make it feel like home. We want it to be comfortable and reflect our personalities and interests. You can add persondiy projectsal and decorative touches to any space with ease and on a budget through simple DIY projects.

You can transform just about anything in your home. Take a lamp, any lamp, one you already have or one from a used store and make it your own. Looking to create a feminine atmosphere in your home? Take scissors, a hot glue gun, fake flowers (any kind you want) and attach them to a lampshade. Mr. Kate has a great video tutorial as well as written instructions so you can try it in your own home. After a more playful look? Simply glue a mustache to a lamp, via live and love out loud, and you will have a lamp with character. Apartment Therapy has a great tutorial to create a decoupage dictionary lamp for only $18 that any word nerd will love.

A bottle of chalkboard paint can transform anything in your home; take a basic coffee table and make it an interesting, playful surface. Check out this easy to follow tutorial from Design Sponge on creating a chalkboard tabletop. You can use chalkboard paint to design your own mugs and cups that you can write on. One of my favorite projects using chalkboard paint is making wall art with picture frames.

Other simple projects include placing picture frames around light switches to give them color and character. Mr. Kate has a great tutorial that shows you how you can decorate large letters to fit your style and add flair to a room. All of these projects are straightforward and can be done in any home. Take some time and look around on the internet for other projects to find your own inspiration. So what are you waiting for? You can easily make your new place perfect for you!


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