Have you noticed that your dog is a little bored looking? Maybe he doesn’t have a lot of energy or just lays around all day. But that’s ok! It just means he needs a little help. Help we can provide.


This is key, and that is also why it is first on our list. You have to plan accordingly to make sure that your pup never enters the bored dogs category. If you work long hours it can be helpful to plan a trip home at lunch to let your dog out to run around. It can also be helpful to have a friend or neighbor let them out for a bathroom break throughout the day. Planning is key to keeping bored dogs busy throughout the day.


Toys and other stimuli are important for keeping bored dogs busy. Just like a human brain, dogs need to be entertained. They need more sleep than humans but not so much more that they can stand to be alone without anything to do all day! Make sure you provide your pup with some interactive toys to keep them busy while you are away. Chew toys that do not have small pieces that can break off and cause choking are a good choice. Another option is to provide your dog with a stuffed Kong toy; they’ll get a little snack and retrieving it will keep them busy and free of boredom.

Lots of Love

This one might seem like a given, but just in case…your pup needs lots of attention. They are more likely to be bored if they are not getting quality attention from you when you are at home. Make sure you devote some time to your pup when you are at home so they feel safe and secure when you are gone. Some dogs do experience separation anxiety which can be treated but can also be avoided with proper training and plenty of unconditional love! Getting your pup into a routine can help keep them busy throughout the day. It will also help keep them from acting out.


The key to a happy life with dogs (especially larger breeds) is exercise. Even the most well trained and socialized dog will act out if they are not getting enough exercise. To help bust boredom in dogs, take them for a walk or run before they will be alone for any long period of time. See the first tip as this will likely require some scheduling work at first! There are plenty of great dog parks around Tulsa which you might want to check out. Providing your pup some off leash time can help tremendously in the exercise department.


Dogs are like people, they need regular checkups and healthcare to live their best life. If you notice behavioral issues in your dog that are not corrected with exercise, socialization, or training, you might consider speaking with an experienced veterinarian. They can provide you with information on how to help your dog with major and minor help problems. A common problem for dogs who may seem bored or destructive is separation anxiety. For tips on dealing with Separation Anxiety you can check out our post on the topic! Along with Separation Anxiety another common cause of behavioral issues is not spaying or neutering your pets. With all those hormones flying around they can become overwhelmed and easily upset. Your vet can recommend the proper time and procedure for you and your pet to be spayed or neutered.


Many people can properly train and socialize their pets at home or with friends. Some dogs, however, do not respond to traditional training methods. You should seek professional training for your dog if you feel they are not responding to your own training methods. A well trained dog, especially in larger, working breeds, will know that is has a purpose and a “job” so to speak. For many dogs this can help prevent boredom before it even begins! Training can also help keep bored dogs busy, teach them which areas are theirs, what toys they can play with, and they’ll be able to have lots of fun while you are gone!


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