A great way to get into any fitness routine is add a challenge into the equation!

Que in: October Ab Challenge

Abs are one of the most elusive muscle groups to show progress. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried diets and I’ve tried exercises. Each time I wound up ab-less.

After some research, I found the best tips when trying to tighten up that six pack. Also, I put together a progressive October ab challenge to strengthen that core and get on the right track to flat abs.

October Ab Challenge

Pair this October Ab Challenge along with some of these tips!

 Make Sure You Are Getting Enough Cardio

Increasing the amount of cardio you do is one of the key components in burning belly fat. So take a walk, hike, or run!

Stay Hydrated

Drinking enough water everyday actually boosts your metabolism. When your metabolism is working at a higher pace, you guessed it- you burn more fat. Adequate water intake ranges from 34-68 Oz. So drink up!

Check out this article on how to stay hydrated.

Stay Clear of Refined Carbohydrates/Processed Foods

Refined carbs and processed foods are pretty much stripped of any nutritional value. So essentially you are eating empty cals. Swap out pastries, refined pastas, and bleached bread with more whole-grain options. Choose more nutrient dense options likes veggies, fruits, and proteins.

Get Enough Fiber

Fiber promotes satiety. When you feel full longer you are likely to steer clear of over-snacking.

Cheers to October and this October Ab Challenge.