If you are looking for cheap eats in Tulsa you're in luck! There are great spots to eat cheap all over the city. Try these 10 meals under $10

Hungry? Sticking to a budget? We’re bringing you cheap eats in Tulsa with meals that will cost you under $10! Now you can have the luxury of eating out without breaking your budget. Give your wallet a break and enjoy some great food at an even better price.

10 Meals Under $10 | Cheap Eats in Tulsa:

Fat Guy’s Burger Bar

140 N Greenwood Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 794-7782

Places near OneOK field can be pricey. If you are looking for a great sports bar type location without the price tag to match, try Fat Guy’s Burger Bar in for some cheap eats in Tulsa. You can get a Jumbo Bacon Cheeseburger for less than $9 so you don’t have to worry about going home hungry OR broke! They also have lots of great beers on tap so you can have a drink and a burger without feeling like you’ve splurged on an expensive night out.

Tally’s Good Food Cafe

1102 S Yale Ave, Tulsa, OK 74112

(918) 835-8039

This retro Route 66 diner has great hours, even better pricing, and that old school vibe that makes it the perfect spot to get some cheap eats in Tulsa. You can try the Chicken Parmesan for $8.95 and still have enough leftover for some delicious desserts! Their menu has something for everyone and I have a feeling you’ll be back for more.

While you are at Tally’s make sure you try the Top Sirloin, for just $8.95 you can’t really go wrong. A steak dinner under $10?! That’s what we mean by cheap eats in Tulsa!

Hank’s Hamburgers

8933 E Admiral Pl, Tulsa, OK 74115

(918) 832-1509

The half pound Hank Burger can’t be skipped on our list of cheap eats in Tulsa. For $4.55 you can get a half pound hamburger at Hank’s which has been running in Tulsa since 1949. They’re known for their delicious burgers and rock bottom prices. This mom and pop shop can’t be beat on prices or reviews. Their customers come back time and time again because they are cheap AND delicious. Don’t be fooled by their name. They do more than just burgers too!

Big Al’s Healthy Foods

3303 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74112

(918) 744-5085

Fear not! The cheap eats in Tulsa are not all indulgent and burger based! Big Al’s Healthy Foods is serving up delicious meals that are also light on your waist as well as your wallet. For less than $10 you can get almost anything. They have a nearly cult following for the hummus so whatever you have, add some!

Freebirds World Burrito

7547B S Olympia Ave West, Tulsa, OK 74132

(918) 445-4113

Not only can you get a lot for less than $10 at Freebirds World Burrito, you can also order online! How awesome is that. The first menu item that you have to try when looking for cheap eats in Tulsa is the steak nachos. They’re only $8 and you can add a mountain of toppings! You can even add guac and still be under $10!

Another item you should try is their monster sized burritos. You can get ANY protein option and still be less than $10 spent for a meal that will kill all of your cravings without putting your wallet into shock.


121 N 129th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74116

(918) 437-5800

Okay so they’re not exactly a mom and pop shop but Denny’s is good food, cheap. We all know what we’re going to end up with at Denny’s and thanks to their new menu layout there are more choices than ever for less than $10. The great thing about Denny’s in Tulsa is that you can get cheap eats to go. They offer take out so you can order ahead, and grab those cheap eats in Tulsa on the run! Perfect for those busy nights and long days.

Sushi Train

3300 East 51st Street South, Tulsa, OK 74135

(918) 747-9931

I’d say a good 95% of the Sushi Train menu is less than $10 you can get meals, soups, sushi rolls, everything you’d expect from a great sushi restaurant without the added price tag. You can eat in or takeout. You can even order online. The Arizona roll with eel, avocado, cream cheese, and eel sauce can’t be beat for just $6.95. You can even pick another roll out to make this $10 meal perfection!

I’d be remiss if I didn’t also point out that you can get the pork katsu for just $9.95. It’s Pork Loin, tenderized & battered in panko bread crumbs, deep fried with teriyaki sauce and it’s a delicious addition to our list of cheap eats in Tulsa. I have no doubt you’ll be coming back time and time again to try all of their delicious meals and sushi combos!

No matter where you decide to go for some cheap eats in Tulsa, you’ll find a wide variety of meals and menu options that are inexpensive but packed with flavor. These restaurants are Tulsa favorites because they provide great quality at a low cost. Don’t miss out on these great spots!

If you are looking for cheap eats in Tulsa you're in luck! There are great spots to eat cheap all over the city. Try these 10 meals under $10

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