It can be tough to come up with creative date night ideas in Tulsa. There are so many things to do but what do you choose?!? Fear not, we’ve compiled this list so you can just grab an idea and run with it. Of course you  may want to mix it up a bit and put your own unique twist on these ideas but at the very least you’ll be on the right track!

5 Creative Date Night Ideas in Tulsa:

If you are looking for some fun date night ideas in Tulsa you have come to the right place. There's a little something for everyone, no matter your style!

Bluestone Steakhouse & Seafood

10032 S Sheridan Rd Ste J Tulsa, OK 74133

(539) 302-2937


Go all out and have a fancy fine dining experience with your date. If you are looking to impress this is the perfect place. Bluestone is a great option for fine dining in Tulsa. They have steak, seafood, a full bar, and live music. It’s dark and cozy and utterly perfect for a fancy date night. Call and make a reservation so you don’t miss out! Certainly pricey but definitely worth it. The food and service are outstanding and they are one of the best fine dining options in Tulsa!

Outdoor Picnic

There are so many beautiful views in Tulsa. If you are looking for a creative date night idea that doesn’t involve being part of the hustle and bustle of daily life, you might want to consider a nice outdoor picnic. Now that the weather is getting nicer and the days are getting longer there’s plenty of light! You can put together a picnic basket of your favorite foods and drinks or you can grab some take out at one of these great places and use that as your meal! Either way, your date will be excited to spend some quality time with you minus the typical distractions.

Staycation Style Date

If you’ve never heard of a “staycation” it’s basically a vacation that keeps you at home while doing fun things around your local area. Instead of taking a full blown vacation just use this idea to make an entire weekend into one big date night. You can explore all of the great sights and sounds of Tulsa. You could check out some nice restaurants or eat in, but one thing is for sure, live it up vacation style. Treat yourself to dessert, leave the phones at home, and book a babysitter if needed! This is a great way to spend quality time with your significant other. Clear your schedules and don’t let anything interrupt you, you might find that a whole weekend or even just one full day and night of quality time with your significant other is exactly what you’ve been missing.

Pinot’s Palette

1621 E 15th St, Tulsa, OK 74120

(918) 794-7333


With nightly classes you can’t beat Pinot’s Palette for a paint and sip night! You can enjoy some great wine, learn how to paint, or just have a few laughs when you realize that you can’t paint! This is a great creative date night idea because it is literally and figuratively creative! You’ll be doing something different and having some fun making art. It’s a great way to do something with your significant other that will leave you with a great reminder of your evening together. Classes start at around $35 per painter and you can actually register ahead of time online!

Head Outdoors

Tulsa has many great camping and biking areas. If you or your significant other enjoy being outdoors you might want to consider a date night that includes some time spent outdoors. You don’t have to take a full blown camping trip to enjoy many of the great hiking trails and of course you can enjoy some of the awesome biking trails as well. Get your gear and mix it up for a date night idea that comes with more than just dinner and a movie!

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