You might not think of Oklahoma BBQ as being a unique style in and of itself. Generally people describe Oklahoma BBQ with a list of things that it lacks in comparison to other well known styles. Today, we’re going to show you why Oklahoma BBQ is the best! For those of you living in Tulsa, this is important stuff…you have to know WHY the BBQ you get here is the BEST!

5 Reasons Oklahoma BBQ is the Best

Whole Hog Style

Oklahoma BBQ tends to be whole hog roasting when it comes to traditional BBQ. The difference between roasting portions of an animal and roasting them whole comes at the end. In the final flavors of Oklahoma BBQ you get to taste all of the flavors melding together after cooking for such a long time. It’s a great part of Oklahoma BBQ and it’s one of the reasons why you should give it a try if you haven’t yet!

Smoked Poultry

Oklahoma BBQ is different from some other areas that only smoke beef or pork. Smoking poultry like chicken or turkey is common in Oklahoma BBQ techniques and it makes for a wider variety of flavors. It also means that you can have Oklahoma BBQ and not spoil your diet…if you worry about things like that!

Hybrid Sauce Techniques

Because Oklahoma BBQ pulls heavily from Kansas City and Memphis styles of BBQ the sauce tends to be more mild flavored. Oklahoma BBQ is not a dry as Texas BBQ and it’s not a tangy or vinegary as Memphis BBQ so it’s kind of unique in that it has it’s own, more mild, flavor profile. It makes it a great choice for eating all of the time!

Time Honored Traditions

While some people don’t think of Oklahoma BBQ as it’s own unique tradition, it has been around as long as any other BBQ style or flavor. It gets many of its influences from Native Americans who were forced to migrate to the area. This is where the whole hog tradition comes from! Other influences in both style and flavor profiles come during the post Civil War era when many migrations were moving north from Texas during cattle drives. This is when beef BBQ was introduced to the Oklahoma BBQ scene!

Lots of Places to Choose From

One thing there is not a lack of in Oklahoma BBQ is choices! There are so many great places to try Oklahoma BBQ in Tulsa. There’s Burn Co. BBQ in Tulsa where you can get all kinds of Oklahoma BBQ and sides in a casual environment at decent prices. Big Anthony’s BBQ which is serving up Oklahoma BBQ out of storefront in an unpretentious strip mall. Or if those don’t suit your tastes or travel agenda you can check out the Knotty Pig on East 15th Street, also serving up Oklahoma BBQ in generous portions at great prices. They even have burgers and chili at the Knotty Pig. No matter where you choose to go, the time honored traditions and flavors of Oklahoma BBQ are sure to impress even the biggest BBQ snobs!  

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