Super Bowl is on its way! Before we know it the big day will be here and when game time rolls around you don’t want to find yourself without the hook up. There are plenty of great Tulsa sports bars where you can watch the game. If you are a big sports fan or if you just like to hang out and enjoy some great food, drinks, and the commercials you can do all of that here in Tulsa.

Tulsa sports bars range everywhere from fancy chain bars to locally owned community favorites. These are the 5 best Tulsa sports bars where you can watch the Super Bowl.

5 Best Tulsa Sports Bars for Watching the Super Bowl:

Watch the super bowl at some of the best Tulsa sports bars. We've ranked Tulsa sports bars based on food, drinks and TVS.

Remingtons Sports Bar

Marriott Tulsa Hotel Southern Hills, 1902 E 71st St, Tulsa, OK 74136


Remingtons Sports Bar is located in the Marriott Tulsa Hotel. This is an added bonus in case you want to enjoy some drinks while watching the big game. You can book a room and stay overnight! If you are traveling from one of our Tulsa communities you have the added bonus of being nearby. They have plenty of TV’s and a variety of food and drink to go along with your game time celebration! All of our Tulsa communities are within about 25 minutes. The Place at 81 Yale is within about 10 minutes.

Bleacher Bums Sports Bar

5073 East 51st Street South, Tulsa, OK 74135


Bleacher Bums Sports Bar will give you exactly what you want on game day. You can get good food, good service, and an atmosphere that is catered towards sports. They have big screens for watching all the game day action and they have plenty food and beer options to keep you busy during any dull moments. Withing about 15 minutes of The Place at 101 Sheridan, 10 minutes from The Place at 81 Yale, and The Place at Quail Hollow is within less then 20 minutes as well.


1516 S Peoria Ave, Tulsa, OK 74120


Empire is nothing fancy but they have good atmosphere, beer on tap, and plenty of TV’s to watch the Super Bowl. It’s a no frills kind of environment but they have pool tables and there is plenty of good times to be had! They don’t serve food so that’s a drawback but you can bet they’ll have the big game on the TV’s. It’s a local community favorite with a great patio space as well. Limited parking so don’t be surprised if you have to find street parking. Empire is roughly 20 minutes from all of our Tulsa communities. Share a ride with friends and save some money without having to worry about driving if you plan to enjoy some cold beers or cocktails with your Super Bowl celebration.

Louie’s Grill & Bar

6310 E 101st St, Tulsa, OK 74137


Louie’s Grill and Bar serves up classic American food with a side of sports. You can watch the Super Bowl on the big flat screens and enjoy a few drinks with friends. The food is great, service is good, and no one has any complaints about their selection! You can find almost anything you are looking for on the menu and the friendly, efficient servers will keep your glass full all night! For those of you living in The Place at 101 Sheridan community you have to check out Louie’s. They’re located within 3 minutes WALKING! You can have a fun  night out with friends, reasonably priced, and you won’t have to pay for a ride back home.

Woody’s Corner Bar

325 E 2nd St, Tulsa, OK 74120


Woody’s is a fun spot. They are a fairly large bar with lots of live entertainment, specials, happy hours, TV’s, and pool tables. You can turn the Super Bowl party into so much more at Woody’s. They have great food and drinks. It’s busy so don’t expect super fast service and the place gets packed on the weekends. Lots of fun things to do though for the younger crowd. Woody’s is about 25 minutes from The Place at 101 Sheridan, and The Place at 81 Yale. The Place at Quail Hollow is just about 20 minutes drive.


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