Moving to Broken Arrow? New to the area? We’re bringing you 5 things to know about Broken Arrow Oklahoma. These are great facts to know before you move to Broken Arrow and they’re fun to discover once you have started living in the area! Our community, The Place at Quail Hollow, is located in Broken Arrow and it’s a great place to call home.

Let’s dive in to some interesting things to know about living in Broken Arrow!

Arrow Oklahoma. These are great facts to know before you move to Broken Arrow

5 Things to Know About Living in Broken Arrow

It’s always a good idea to learn something about the region you are living in or moving to before you make the jump! Here are some quick things to know about living in Broken Arrow so you can be up to date on the region and statistics.


Live music is a must when living in Broken Arrow! It’s a big part of the culture and it’s an awesome benefit to living in the area. Nearby, Tulsa, has plenty of amazing venues for live music and entertainment. You can always find something to enjoy and you will have access to some of the newest and best names in music, comedy, and more!

If you are looking for great locations to hang out with friends you can’t do better than these fun happy hour locations! Broken Arrow is a great location for individuals, outdoor enthusiasts, and families alike!

Public Transportation

Tulsa Transit services the Broken Arrow region. You can learn all about the schedules, fares, and stops associated with Tulsa Transit right here. The best thing about public transportation in Broken Arrow is that you can get from point a to point b without having to worry about the stress and maintenance of vehicle ownership.

Cost of Living

If you are thinking of living in Broken Arrow the cost of living is an important aspect. The cost of living in Broken Arrow is actually lower than the national average for home prices, groceries, health care, and utilities. Though Broken arrow is a bit more than the Oklahoma average it is still less the national average!

School Districts

Another important aspect of living in Broken Arrow is the school districts. The Broken Arrow School District services all students in the pre K – 12th grade range! They are comprised of 25 schools in the region to make sure that students get a superb education close to home!

It’s important to have a great school district in your area if you are planning to have or raise children in Broken Arrow. You can rest easy knowing that you’ll have access to a great public education system for you family.

The Great Outdoors

Did you know that you can go hiking, biking, and more in the Broken Arrow region? It’s a beautiful region that is wonderful for those of you who enjoy spending time outdoors. The weather is fantastic and the beautiful red rock backdrop makes everything just a bit more fantastic! There is always something to do that is exciting and fun.

Arrow Oklahoma. These are great facts to know before you move to Broken Arrow

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