Celebrating dad is so much fun. It’s even better when you have so many great places to celebrate Father’s Day around Tulsa. Check out some of these great events or restaurant as you celebrate another great year with dear old dad!

8 Ways to Spend Father’s Day Around Tulsa

Celebrating dad is so much fun. It's even better when you have so many great places to celebrate Father's Day around Tulsa. Check out some of these great events or restaurant as you celebrate another great year with dear old dad!

Tulsa International Balloon Festival

1211 W 36th St N, Tulsa
June 14-18, 6am-6pm

Father’s Day around Tulsa might seem like the same old thing…but you can get a jump start with something totally unique this year! Things are starting early in Tulsa this year, head over to the Tulsa Airpark, and see the hot air balloons! Vendors will be out celebrating dads and families alike with food, games, and trinkets to buy. You can enjoy watching the hot air balloons glowing and soaring through the sky. You might even be lucky enough to take a ride!

Eats on 8th Food Truck Festival

NW 8th St & Harvey Ave
June 16th, 12pm-8pm

Want to feed Dad but not too sure of what exactly to get him? Come to the Eats on 8th Food Truck Festival. Free to enter, then you can shop all the gourmet food trucks with Dad and buy everything and anything he might like. There will be live entertainment and music, and plenty of tasty food options. This is the perfect date for the dad who loves food. Celebrating Father’s Day around Tulsa has never been so tasty.

Boat Racing at Tulsa Botanic Gardens

3900 Tulsa Botanic Dr.
June 17th, 2:00pm-4:30pm

Boat racing might not seem to be a common thing for places like Tulsa, but on the 17th, Dad and the family can witness this occasion at the Tulsa Botanic Gardens. Kids can also join in on the activity from 1 to 4:30. They’ll be making their own boats and racing around the gutters. Admission for Dad will be around $8, so enjoy yourselves on the cheap and add in a healthy dose of competition. Good luck!

Calaveras Mexican Grill

2326 E Admiral Blvd

If Dad is a Mexican food fan, then hit up Calaveras Mexican Grill. The same owners that gave Tulsa, El Rio Verde is ready to stuff the bellies of all the fathers. Open from the morning to late at night, Calaveras will be serving classic dishes along with some new takes on your Mexican favorites. Order the El Bracero Ranchero, which has varying foods served on a hot plate, you and dad can share!

The Wild Fork

1820 Utica Square
June 18th, 10am-3pm

If you are Daddy’s little girl and want to spend the beginning of Father’s Day with him, go to The Wild Fork. You can enjoy light treats with a unique setting. The Wild Fork is known for its gorgeous patio seating options, art, and a true dedication to local foods. If you want to relax with Dad and give him something sweet, this is a great option for celebrating Father’s Day around Tulsa.

PRHYME Downtown Steakhouse

111 North Main Street
June 18th, 4pm-9pm

Dads love steaks, burgers, and anything else to eat with a little meat. If you’re the type of person that enjoys eating out and receiving a tasting, Prhyme is the place to visit on Father’s Day. Tenderloins will be on the menu, so grab your wallet and your loosest pants, because you will want to be here here for as long as you can.

The Brother’s Houligan

4848 S. Yale
June 18th, 12pm-9pm

If you need some good home cooked meals without staying indoors, The Brother’s Houligan is the place for you. Don’t tell Mom, but offer to bring her leftovers or a special delivery. Not only will be you able to graze on fried chicken and catfish, you will also be able to relax with a friendly staff and laid-back atmosphere.

SMOKE. on Cherry Street

1542 East 15th Street
June 18th, 10am-9pm

If Dad is the old fashioned kind, this is the place for you. When I say old fashioned, I mean a red meat loving, tobacco smoking, man’s man. At Smoke on Cherry Street, Dad will be able to eat everything his heart desires. His meats will be cooked over fire and smoked in a perfect fashion where he can reminisce and enjoy the day with you while consuming some delicious menu items.

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