You may or may not know that WE LOVE PETS! It might seem odd for an apartment community company to welcome pets but we know that they are crucial part of your life and happiness. We aim for our residents to life full, happy, amazing lives.

Pets are a part of that process and we welcome them, we even have an aptly named policy concerning pets: it is our We LOVE Pets Policy and you can read more about it here.

We have no breed restrictions and we have no size or weight restrictions for your pets. Because we love pets so much we know that members of our Tulsa community may be looking for the best Tulsa dog parks.

Residents of our Tulsa based communities know that the weather in Tulsa is perfect for spending lots of time outdoors with your furry friend. These Tulsa dog parks will have you both loving life in the new year while enjoying some sunshine and exercise. These Tulsa dog parks may also surprise  you with their ability to help both you and your pets socialize!

Tulsa Dog Parks:

The best Tulsa dog parks will have you and your furry friend enjoying time in the great outdoors. Dog parks are also a great way to socialize!

The Place at Quail Hollow

Haikey Creek Park

Haikey Creek Park is located in Broken Arrow and is right nearby for our residents at The Place at Quail Hollow! This is not specifically a dog park but there are plenty of grassy areas for some fun in the sun. There is also a very mild trail that runs through the Pecan trees that would be great for a nice hike. You’ll need to keep your pet leashed at this park but with it’s close proximity to Quail Hollow and it’s beautiful views it is definitely worth a visit or a walk through!

The Place at 81 Yale

Biscuit Acres Dog Park

Located at the Biscuit Acres Dog Park is perfectly located for those of your who might be living in our complex The Place at 81 Yale. This is also just a short drive fro The Place at Quail Hollow! Biscuit Acres Dog Park allows off leash time for your furry friends. This is a great place to allow your dog to socialize with other four legged friends and get some free running time. With apartment living in mind you will need a place for your pet to really get some time in stretching their legs!

The Place at 101 Sheridan

Joe Station Dog Park

The Joe Station Dog Park is located at 2279 Charles Page Blvd Tulsa, Oklahoma. This is a great option for anyone living in at The Place at 101 Sheridan complex. Joe Station Dog Park allows off leash time for your pup to enjoy some time running around freely. Here you can also socialize with other dog lovers who have come to let their pets spend some time exercising. Keeping your pet well exercised will help them adjust to life in an apartment.

It is important to remember that you should make sure you dog is up to date on shots, well socialized, and spayed or neutered before you bring them to the dog park. Tulsa city rules also say that your dog must be in good health as well, this is for the safety and health of all those who enjoy the Tulsa dog parks! You and your pet can enjoy a happy and healthy life in Tulsa with the help of these great off leash areas for fun and exercise.

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