Are you looking to spruce up your patio or balcony, and really make your place feel like home? Here are some plants that will do the job! You can change up the look of your apartment decor with just a few simple plant changes. Here are some options for apartment plants that will help you decorate and fall in love with gardening!

Beautiful house plants inside a home next to bright windows.  There is a snake plant, a monstera, a rubber plant, and a lot of other small houseplants.

The Best Plants for Your Patio or Balcony

We are also adding some simple care tips for these plants so you will know what they like and how best to keep them looking great all year long! Happy planting and enjoy these perfect apartment plants!

Vibrant Color

When planning things like marigolds and fuchsias it’s best to put them into a pot of some kind. Fuchsias do well in hanging baskets and marigolds will do great in a potted box or cement vase. Marigolds like to have water and then dry out. NEVER allow the soil to remain soggy! They prefer sun or partial sun.

Fuchsias also like partial sun to full sun and well draining soil. They can have water but they should not be in standing water as they are prone to root rot.

Enchanting Scents

Lilies are best planted in the ground. If at all possible make sure to keep them covered with mulch at the base so they can get water without being soggy. They need plenty of water during the growing season, so be sure to give them some if there’s not enough rain!

Lavender needs full sun and well drained soil to bloom to perfection. Lavender also doesn’t need fertilizer so it can be planted in regular soil and still perform well. It does best in the ground but can also be planted in appropriately sized boxes or planters. It does grow tall, so make sure you give it plenty of room!

Mint can be planted in partial shade or full sun as long as it is properly watered. Mint doesn’t require much in the way of maintenance and it will do well in planters or in the ground. It will grow back year after year if planted in the ground! It’s easy-peasy for beginners!


Boston ferns need a cool, yet humid environment in order to do well. They can be planted in planters or hanging baskets and they do well in the shade. They prefer indirect sunlight so a shady porch or under an umbrella or overhang will do best for them!

Boxwoods will need watering for the first two years until they have well established roots. They should not be planted in boxes or planters and rather do well in the ground where they will have proper water flow. They like sunny areas and do require some pruning and maintenance to keep them looking great year after year!

Privacy Please

Arborvitaes prefer moist soil in well draining areas and full sun. They can be shaped or left to grow tall for privacy! They are hardy up to zone 3 in the USA and if you are worried about the soil drainage you can add gravel to the planting space before putting in your arborvitae!

Fargesia bamboo should be planted in rich, acidic, and well draining soil. It prefers sun but can also do well in partial shade. It will grow and grow and grow so be prepared to deal with the trimming and pruning needs.

The privacy is a nice trade off if you don’t mind the upkeep! Plus, it’s beautiful to watch something grow so much after putting in the work to care for it!

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