The Benefits of Bring Your Children to Work Day

Soon it will be everyone’s favorite day of the year in the workplace…bring your children to work day! We all know how fun it is to have your kids at work, moving all your things around, shuffling the paperwork into their own special filing system, and of course pushing every button on anything electronic! In […]

5 Ways In 5 Days To Thank Your Administrative Professionals

There’s an exciting week long celebration approaching and today we’re going to show you 5 ways in 5 days to thank you administrative professionals. April 23 through April 27 is Administrative Professionals Week! Planning ahead means you can make sure your admins feel appreciated and happy! If your admins are anything like ours, or you are […]

Looking For The Ultimate St Patricks Day Parties in Tulsa?

On St Patricks day we are all a little bit more Irish right? If you are looking for the ultimate St Patricks day parties in Tulsa then you have come to the right place. We’ll break it down for you so you can find an epic party that is near you. For just a short […]

How to Win Gold at your Winter Olympics Party

The Winter Olympics are back! Here are some great ideas to make sure your 2018 Winter Olympics viewing party is a hit. The most fun part of the Winter Olympics is watching your favorite events with friends and family. If you are planning a party, these are some awesome ideas to help get you started! […]

National Compliments Day | 10 Opportunities To Give A Compliment In Your Day

January 24th is National Compliment Day. The power of a simple compliment is far reaching. here are 10 opportunities to give a compliment in your day. You might just turn someone’s entire day around. We never know what people are going through, take this opportunity to give out some compliments and enjoy the way it […]

10 Tips for Keeping Your New Year Resolutions

It’s a new year, here are 10 tips for keeping your new year resolutions. We all know how tough it can be to keep our new year resolutions but if it’s something you really care about, these tips will help. It’s never easy to start an entirely new routine to meet your goals, hopefully these […]

The Costs of Moving Everyone Should Know

Moving isn’t cheap. There are fees and costs that most people aren’t even aware of that can really add up in the long run. Before embarking on a move, take into account the costs of moving. The Costs of Moving Everyone Should Know: Moving Companies If you are moving somewhere local you might not have […]

Is Renting Or Buying Right For You?

The great debate of renting or buying has been going on for years. Depending on your lifestyle, financial situation, and personal preferences, one option may in fact be better than the other. Use this article as a sort of ‘self check’ to see if your needs lean more towards renting or buying. There are a […]

Easy Ways You Can Save Money Each Month

Saving money can be easily incorporated into every day life and doesn’t mean giving up things you enjoy doing beyond your bills. We’re bringing you easy ways you can save money each month that won’t put a huge crimp in your daily life. Use these easy tips to find out how easy it is to […]

What Happens To Your Credit When You Get Evicted?

Falling behind on bills can happen to the best of us. Sometimes life throws an  unexpected curveball at us and if we aren’t financially prepared, the consequences can have a long term affect on your financial stability.If you are wondering what is a credit score and how is it impacted by an eviction, we’re here […]