When you have kids, finding the best place to eat as a family can be difficult. You want somewhere that won’t charge you a small fortune to feed the whole family. You want somewhere that has an environment that will make your kids excited to go out for the night. You want somewhere that will offer all the things that make for a fun night on the town for your kids while still providing food that pleases everyone’s taste buds. Lucky for all you Tulsa parents, this city has a wealth of options that check all these boxes no matter where you are in the city.

In the downtown area you will not be disappointed with the number of options. Tally’s offers amazing breakfast and a kid’s menu sure to please even you pickiest eater. This one is totally budget friendly so never worry about breaking the bank with a family meal here.

Joe Mamma’s is also downtown and will be sure to entertain the youngest to the oldest. The restaurant has a whole stash of toddler toys, hosts kid’s book club every Saturday morning, and offers a selection of classic video games to create an environment for every kid in the family, even the grown up ones. To top it all off, the food is delicious too!

Midtown offers multiple laidback eateries for a day of family time. Merritt’s Bakery has casual food that will blow you away, a relaxed vibe, and incredible dessert to quiet any restless kiddo or brighten the mood of every stressed mom. If you want a meal cooked by someone else but don’t really want to eat out, try the yummy pizza from Pie Hole Pizzeria. It’s take and bake so you can enjoy it at home on the really crazy days.

For the families in Brookside, you can find exactly what your family is looking for. Weber’s Root Beer and Hamburgers will make you feel nostalgic for simpler days and will make your kids fall in love. Their frosty mugs of root beer and burgers that are out of this world will satisfy everyone, no doubt.

Cosmo Café will entertain on top of stuff you with amazing food. The kids menu is top notch but will easily be the second favorite to the wall of board games and do friendly patio. What kids doesn’t want to have lunch with their furry friend and a side of Monopoly?

Scattered throughout the rest of Tulsa are even more options for you. West Tulsa offers up Ollie’s Station Restaurant and trains! The little ones can watch the mini train drive around the restaurant on the tracks around the ceiling while enjoying delicious breakfast or free Sunday lunch if they’re 3 or under.

Sushi Train lets parent enjoy their favorite sushi delivered by a train that circles the sushi bar. Kids love watching it circle the tracks with lots of cool looking goodies on top. If the kids aren’t into sushi themselves, there is a great kids menu with options for pickier eaters.

The Bistro at Seville is a great option for parents who have a taste for the finer things in life. The cuisine here gourmet and top notch French fare, but the laid back environment and kids menu make fancy food a possibility even with kids.

With all these choices, you can bet that Tulsa is the place to be for families on any given night. Whether you want casual dining, gourmet cuisine, or take out… Tulsa will deliver exactly what you’re looking for with a bonus of family fun every time. This really is an amazing city to live in no matter what your lifestyle. There is no time like Tulsa time.

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