Summer Solstice — also known as the first day of summer — has arrived! Summer in Oklahoma is that magical time of year when barbecues and road trips reign, when work slows and summer holidays mean getting together with friends and family. Just thinking about it likely brings up the smell of fresh cut grass and the taste of cold lemonade.

With the current events happening around the country, we wanted to provide a list of new ways to make your summer in Tulsa special this year:

Poolside Blockbusters

Hyatt Regency Tulsa is launching a “Dive into Summer” promotion that features poolside movies every Friday and Saturday night. The promotion, which starts June 26 and runs through Labor Day weekend, will include room rates from $79 per night, complimentary parking, free snacks and admission to the movie.

Land an Internship and be the Envy of Your Friends

Most internships and college jobs were cut short due to the spread of the coronavirus. The George Kaiser Family Foundation created an initiative they’re calling “Summer Tulsa.” Summer Tulsa is a paid internship program, allowing college students to explore the successful businesses and entrepreneurs of Tulsa.

Try a New Food Truck

Food trucks are a quintessential summer experience, and Tulsans line up in parking lots, neighborhoods, parks and venues to try what these chefs offer. Flavors abound and tummies are full after a stop for a bite to eat. These trucks offer a variety of foods perfect for any summertime meal.

Cajun Boil Catering:

Try their brand new Surf and Turf Potato, an extra-large baked potato overflowing with grilled steak and sautéed garlic butter shrimp, all topped with shredded cheese and green onions. There are two size options: a half-pound potato for $15 and a 1-pound potato for $25.

Dope Soul Catering:

Dope Soul’s menu changes every few weeks depending on the season and its event schedule. Right now, garlic marinated chicken is a dish the owners have been perfecting, and it has received rave reviews from patrons. Another menu staple are pupusas, which come two to an order. The Latin American dish has seasoned masa filled with chicken, pork or a vegetarian option, then fried and topped with a tangy vinegar slaw with cabbage, onions, peppers and cauliflower. Vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options are typically featured on the menu, too.

Tacos El Trompo:

A bright yellow and red truck resides in a parking lot near a busy intersection in Broken Arrow. Inside that beacon is the namesake of the truck: the trompo, a vertical rotisserie of marinated pork. The savory meat is one of eight protein selections a diner can choose from for a taco or torta filling.

Enjoy a Frozen Treat

If you’re reading this on June 20th, the official start to summer, your local Dairy Queen is celebrating today by giving away free cones (with any purchase) all day long!

It’s the longest day of the year. Enjoy!

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