Almost everyone has a weak spot for sweets. For many of us, temptation means chocolate, but sweet indulgence comes in many forms. Whether it’s candy, cookies, ice cream, cake or pie, life would be pretty bland without the occasional, sinfully delicious confection.

When you’ve got a sweet tooth that needs satisfaction and mass-produced chocolates and desserts won’t do the trick, try some of Tulsa’s popular purveyors of delectable treats, served at locally owned shops known for quality ingredients and truly artistic, dessert-making talent. We’re bringing you some of the best Tulsa chocolate shops, and candy shops to satisfy that sweet tooth.

1. Glacier Confection (15 E. Brady Street)


Willy Wonka doesn’t have anything on this chocolate factory. Glacier Confection opened in August 2010 as one man’s dream to create the perfect piece of chocolate. Owner and Chocolatier Bill Copeland’s boutique store in the Brady Arts District offers 1,000s of chocolate creations that he began making by himself. The gourmet chocolate shop rapidly grew to include several dedicated Oompa Loompa employees who still lovingly make each delectable treat by hand.

Glacier’s colorful confections use ingredients sourced from all over the world and crafted into signature truffles like Maple Pecan Bourbon, Apple Ghost Chili and Elvis (a peanut butter and banana nod to the King of Rock and Roll). They also offer limited time selections during every major holiday and vegan and gluten-free options for those with special dietary needs.

For truly unique gift ideas, try the Artisan collection or Fortunato No. 4, which is made from rare, white beans from cacao trees high in the mountains of Peru. Although you won’t find an everlasting gobstopper, Glacier Confection offers chocolates that are as beautiful as they are delicious. Each miniature work of art indeed transcends the basic love of chocolate and becomes the ultimate savoring of the finest ingredients. Glacier Confection is hands down one of the best Tulsa chocolate shops.

2. Sweet Tooth Candy & Gifts (3747 S. Harvard Ave. #D)


Like a kid in a candy store, you’ll be wide-eyed at this Midtown shop that offers bin after bin of assorted chocolates, gummies, suckers, jelly beans and more. Sweet Tooth began in a small room behind a Baskins and Robbins back in 1980. After expanding throughout the years, co-owners Jeff Darby and Janet Dundee now operate a 3,000-square foot candy superstore.

Unlike bulk candy shops, you get personal service in selecting individual candies, candy by the pound, pre-made gift sets or a selection of all your favorites. One of Sweet Tooth’s specialties include mouthwatering Made In Oklahoma milk chocolates by Choctaw Nation’s Bedre chocolate company that’s shaped in cowboy hats or boots or the state of Oklahoma.

Another unique offering is their candy buffet, which has become a popular trend for birthdays, weddings, holiday or corporate parties or any special event. You can select your own candy for a Do It Yourself Buffet or opt for a Full Service Buffet where they’ll design everything from the candy to the scoops. When your next candy craving strikes, Sweet Tooth has your fix.

3. Ann’s Bakery (7 N Harvard Avenue)


Proudly claimed to be “Tulsa’s oldest scratch bakery,” dessert enthusiasts have enjoyed Ann’s Bakerysince 1938. Originally ran by Ann and Ray Bay, the bakery is now in its third generation with granddaughter Shannon at the helm. Besides their elegant wedding cakes, other tasty treats include traditional and specialty cakes, cookies, cupcakes, pies, brownies and fudge, and assorted breads and pastries. After a fire threatened to destroy the family business, Ann’s future was saved when it was featured on the Food Network’s “Save My Bakery.”

This bakery’s artistic decorators can create almost any motif you want on cakes of all sizes, flavors and types of decor for any occasion and their specialty cookie trays are a perennial favorite with tempting offerings like cranberry walnut and turtle fudge. Ann’s is truly one Tulsa tradition your sweet tooth won’t want to miss.