The big day for sweethearts is sneaking up on us! Soon Valentine’s day will be here and then it’s time to go all out for your special someone. Instead of the same old plan for this year, try one of these 5 Creative Tulsa Valentine’s Day Dates.

You can surprise your sweetheart with a creative and unique Valentine’s day experience. Tulsa has so much more to offer than the typical restaurant meal and chocolates!

5 Creative Tulsa Valentine’s Day Dates:

Break with tradition, try a creative date idea for valentine's day. Ditch the box of chocolates and instead enjoy fun Tulsa Valentine's Day dates!

Get Outdoors

Tulsa is full of dog parks, biking trails, and more! You can enjoy a day outdoors together or as a family! There are so many fun things happening in Tulsa all of the time. You don’t have to go to an expensive restaurant or a fancy location to enjoy Valentine’s Day with your sweetheart. Find something fun to do outdoors and enjoy a one of a kind Valentine’s day this year!

Celebrate with the Family

Sometimes there is too much pressure on couples to go all out at Valentine’s day! This year, spend some time with the family and celebrate how much you love each other. It’s not always feasible to get a sitter, spend the night out, and then come home and take up the responsibilities of family life. Having a family doesn’t mean you have to miss out on all the V-Day fun; find some family friendly activities in Tulsa this February and have a blast celebrating this special day with all your favorite people!

Take Out and a Movie

This is one of my favorites…even you singles out there! Sometimes the best option for ANY celebration is your favorite take out and a movie. There are some pretty great movies coming out this weekend and next weekend. Instead of spending a fortune (and fighting the crowds) for chocolates and a fancy dinner, save some money by grabbing take out before hitting the movies. Tulsa has a lot of great take out options. There are also a lot of really great BBQ places. What says love more than messy fingers and some tasty ribs?!?

Road Trip

For roughly the same cost as a fancy dinner at a fine dining restaurant you can take a nice little day trip! Pack a picnic lunch, crank up your favorite songs, and hit the road! There are so many awesome destinations within driving distance from Tulsa. Check out all the great Tulsa Road Trip Destinations. Find something that interests you and your special someone and go for it! Imagine how much more you’ll experience and remember about this trip. By next year you will forget the cake you ate or the steak and broccoli from your dinner, you’ll always have memories from a trip to savor!

Unique Sweets

Did you know that there are loads of places in and around Tulsa to get some awesome sweets? You can find an awesome place to get desserts and sweets. Skip dinner and go right for the best part! Your sweetheart and their sweet tooth will thank you! You can pair your favorite sweets with a delicious champagne or wine and you’ll have the perfect romantic evening all ready to go.

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