Living in Tulsa is great. There’s so much to see and do. When it comes to Tulsa restaurants and Valentine’s Day in Tulsa you can’t go wrong with these romantic restaurants. 

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7 Romantic Restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Tulsa

If you are new to Tulsa or new to dating or new to both- these Valentine’s Day choices for your Tulsa date night will be helpful. Hopefully you can find something that you and your date can enjoy!

Here’s to hoping everyone has great food, great company, and lots of love this Valentine’s Day. If you want to make sure that you have at least one of those covered…check out these 7 Romantic Tulsa Restaurants for Valentine’s Day in Tulsa.

Villa Ravenna Fine Dining​

6526 E 51st St Between 51 and Sheridan at the Farm Shopping Center, Tulsa, OK 74145

Fine dining is perfect for Valentine’s Day date nights. You want something a little fancy, a little elegant, nice, right? Well Villa Ravenna Fine Dining gives you all that and more. They’re 2017 & 2018 winners of The Tulsa Best In The World Award and that’s not by accident! Great food, good atmosphere, and perfect for Valentine’s Day.

Mahogany Prime Steakhouse

4840 E. 61st Street, Tulsa, OK 74136

When it comes to upscale steakhouses you can’t go wrong with this delicious Tulsa restaurant. They’re serving up amazing steak and filling dishes that you won’t be able to get enough of. Plus, it’s in a modern, elegant, beautiful setting.


324 E 3rd St, Tulsa, OK 74120

Anyone out there need some gluten free options for themselves or their date this Valentine’s Day? You can schedule a date that has gluten free, vegetarian, and even vegan cuisine on the menu. There’s lots to choose from and it’s all delicious!

The Chalkboard Kitchen + Bar

1324 S Main St Located under the Historic Ambassador Hotel, Tulsa, OK 74119

The Chalkboard is serving up American contemporary cuisine with vegetarian and vegan options as well. If you are looking for vegan cuisine, American dishes, and a fun atmosphere you should visit The Chalkboard for your romantic date night this Valentine’s Day in Tulsa.

Nola’s Creole & Cocktails

1334 E 15th St, Cherry Street, Tulsa, OK 74120

If you are looking for seafood and cocktails to celebrate Valentine’s Day then Nola’s Creole & Cocktails is perfect for those mouth watering dishes!

Prhyme Downtown Steakhouse

111 N Main St Ste A, Tulsa, OK 74103

There’s nothing better than good old fashioned steak when it comes to a romantic date night in Tulsa…Check out Prhyme for a classy and romantic atmosphere this Valentine’s Day.

Ti Amo Ristorante Italiano

6024 S Sheridan Rd Ste A, Tulsa, OK 74145

Ti Amo is serving up classic Italian dishes that you know and love but they’re doing it with a modern twist. This is comfort food that is elevated and delicious. If you want Italian for your romantic date night this Valentine’s Day, check them out!

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