Need Help Training Your Puppy?

A lot of people dream of having cuddly new pets. Who doesn’t love puppies? Unfortunately, the reality of having a new puppy in the house isn’t as good as the fiction. Puppies are a lot of work, and depending on the breed, training a new puppy is not easy. Lucky for you, we are bringing […]

Need to Save Money? Here’s a Few Tips…

Saving money can be easily incorporated into every day life and doesn’t mean giving up things you enjoy doing beyond your bills. We’re bringing you easy ways you can save money each month that won’t put a huge crimp in your daily life. Use these easy tips to find out how easy it is to […]

October Ab Challenge!

A great way to get into any fitness routine is add a challenge into the equation! Que in: October Ab Challenge Abs are one of the most elusive muscle groups to show progress. I don’t know about you, but I’ve tried diets and I’ve tried exercises. Each time I wound up ab-less. After some research, […]

Are You Ready for Your Football Party?

Football season is upon us which means a lot of cheering, drinking and eating all around the TV, or in the stands. No matter who you support, we all love getting together with friends or family to watch the game, while sipping on cold drinks and eating yummy snacks. So, in the spirit of football […]

A Yummy Summer Treat? Frozen Custard Of Course!

As the summer heats up, cool off with a delicious and cold serving of frozen custard. Frozen custard is a classic dessert in Oklahoma and the Mid Western United States. Oklahomans know that frozen custard is much better than our basic cup of ice cream. Frozen custard is creamy, thick, sweet and delicious. So, we’ve picked […]

Why Buy When You Can Rent?

As the housing market changes, buying a home may seem like a wise investment. However, there are hidden costs about home ownership that you may not see coming. We’re breaking down the pros and cons of renting vs buying a home. You might not know about these hidden costs that can really pile up when […]

A Guide to a Healthy Routine

We’ve all been there. Whether it’s a vacation of your dreams, reunion, wedding, or maybe you just have been wanting to get fit for a while. You have a goal, and it’s time to achieve your health goals. The reason we have all been there? Well, it’s simple, everyone wants to look and feel good, […]