5 Places to Adopt a Pet in Tulsa

A mother and her two daughters hug a golden retriever at an adoption shelter.

There are many animals in Tulsa in need of adoption and we’re here to introduce you to a few of them. 5 Places to Adopt a Pet in Tulsa: Pet adoption not only saves a pet in need, it can also help you! There are so many studies on the happy, healthy brains of people […]

6 Tips to Keep Bored Dogs Busy

At MCLife we know that your dogs are a part of the family. We created the “We Love Pets” policy with this idea in mind. Our policy on pets is almost an anti-policy, really. We have no breed or sizing restrictions and we don’t make you pay a special rent for your pets. Our MCLife […]

The Best Dog Parks Around Tulsa

You may or may not know that WE LOVE PETS! It might seem odd for an apartment community company to welcome pets but we know that they are crucial part of your life and happiness. We aim for our residents to life full, happy, amazing lives. Pets are a part of that process and we […]

New Puppy Training Tips: How To Start Good Habits and Stop Bad Ones

A lot of people dream of having cuddly new pets. Who doesn’t love puppies? Unfortunately, the reality of having a new puppy in the house isn’t as good as the fiction. Puppies are a lot of work, and depending on the breed, training a new puppy is not easy. Lucky for you, we are bringing […]