Every year we start off fresh, we get a new start and a clean slate. Many of us choose to use that time to set some new health and fitness goals. It can be tough to figure out how to keep new years resolutions, when it comes to fitness goals it’s easy to stray off course.

As luck would have it, learning how to keep new years resolutions is easy in the Tulsa area. Our three Tulsa communities are nearby plenty of gyms, yoga studios, and even hiking trails. There’s something for everyone in Tulsa, you can workout at the gym, find your center at one of the yoga studios, or even take to the outdoors for some fresh air and exercise.

Before we jump into specific locations near The Place at Quail Hollow, The Place at 81 Yale, and The Place at 101 Sheridan we should probably talk about some goal setting tips and tricks. Part of being successful and learning how to keep new years resolutions is dependent upon setting the right types of goals. You should remember three things: where, why, and how. These three simple reminders will help ensure you are successful on your health and fitness journey.

Every year we start out with new goals. These gyms, yoga studios, and hiking trails will help you figure out how to keep new years resolutions going strong!

How to Keep New  Years Resolutions: Fitness Goals


You need to know where you are going. No good results will come from a journey with no end (in terms of fitness goals…take the never ending road trip for sure)! Setting a goal with a specific end point will help you make the most of your efforts. If you are looking to get in shape or lose weight make sure to assign specific end goals. It’s much easier to climb any ladder where you can see the end point, the end result will help motivate you along the way.


Another really important part of any process focused on how to keep new years resolutions and fitness goals is the why. You have to be sure you know why you are doing this, what do you hope to accomplish. What is your motivation for beginning this journey? Keep that front and center during your journey in order to stay on track.


The how is the fun part. It’s also the hard part! You should always have a game plan, how do you plan to be successful on your fitness journey? These gyms and yoga clubs near our Tulsa communities will help you with the how. If you are more of an outdoors person you might like these biking trails in Tulsa! Maybe you like to exercise and get in some quality time with your pup? Check out these great dog parks in Tulsa too!

Gyms / Fitness Studios

Life Time Fitness

10642 South Memorial Drive, Tulsa, OK 74133

Right now they have a great special running where there are no joining fees! You can workout on your own or request some time with a trainer to get you started in the right direction! They are conveniently located and they have a pool so you can swim laps or join an aquatics class!

The Place at Quail Hollow 22 Minutes

The Place at 81 Yale 13 Minutes

The Place at 101 Sheridan 7 Minutes

Planet Fitness

5050 S Memorial Dr, Tulsa, OK 74145

Planet Fitness in Tulsa is no different than their other locations. They’re a judgement free zone, open 24/7, and they’re cheap and easy to join. If you are looking for a great place that is also cheap and centrally located you can’t go wrong with the Planet Fitness in Tulsa. Most locations are running a special $0 to start and $10 per month right now so hop on board while it’s EXTRA cheap!

The Place at Quail Hollow 15 Minutes

The Place at 81 Yale 15 Minutes

The Place at 101 Sheridan 17 Minutes

New Heights Rock Gym

1140 S 107th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74128

You can get started at New Heights Rock Gym for as little as $12 for a day pass. They also have monthly memberships for singles at $35 per month! You can learn to climb, exercise in a fun way, and so much more. They have indoor rock climbing walls and classes available for climbers of various skill levels! You can learn something new AND exercise your way towards a healthier and happier 2017.

The Place at Quail Hollow 15 Minutes

The Place at 81 Yale 6 Minutes

The Place at 101 Sheridan 19 Minutes

Yoga Studios in Tulsa

The Yoga Room

The Yoga Room is a great resource for anyone looking to try something new or further their experience with yoga in the Tulsa area. They have pricing starting at just $12 for a drop in class or as low as $78 per month for unlimited classes! They have something to suit every skill level so you don’t have to worry about feeling out of place or lost!

The Place at Quail Hollow 23 Minutes

The Place at 81 Yale 18 Minutes

The Place at 101 Sheridan 23 Minutes


With monthly autopay you can get unlimited class at SALT Yoga for $128 per month. They offer college and high school student discounts and a $15 per class option for those who might want to just drop in occasionally. If you are seriously looking for a great place to practice Yoga in Tulsa this is a great option! They have RAVE reviews and package options to make it affordable for everyone. They also have a South Tulsa location so you can drop by either one to get your daily dose of yoga!

The Place at Quail Hollow 22 Minutes

The Place at 81 Yale 21 Minutes

The Place at 101 Sheridan 25 Minutes

Other Options

There are about 15 different yoga studios scattered across Tulsa. You can go to any one of them for a great experience but you might be able to find one that is close to work or school as well! If you are looking to be successful in your fitness goals this year you might try finding a location that fits into your daily routine. If you can make ANYTHING a part of your daily routine for two weeks, chances are that you’ll be successful!

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