The Great Purge: Spring Cleaning In Tulsa

The Great Purge: Spring Cleaning In Tulsa Springtime has arrived here in Tulsa. That means that you can do some spring cleaning and also do some downsizing. Here in Tulsa you have a great option for donating goods. The Green County Habitat For Humanity can benefit from your donations. Today we’re talking all about downsizing […]

How To Have A Date Night At Home!

Image of man and woman eating dinner with a glass of wine at home on a date.

Learning how to have a date night at home is important for keeping the spark alive in your relationship! Here are a bunch of great ideas for how to have a fun date night at home without having to stress too much about the logistics of a date night in. How To Have A Date […]

The Best Plants for Your Patio or Balcony

Beautiful house plants inside a home next to bright windows. There is a snake plant, a monstera, a rubber plant, and a lot of other small houseplants.

Are you looking to spruce up your patio or balcony, and really make your place feel like home? Here are some plants that will do the job! You can change up the look of your apartment decor with just a few simple plant changes. Here are some options for apartment plants that will help you […]

The Best of the Best: Thank You To All Of Our Nurses

Without nurses we would be living with a very different medical system. The nurses in our doctors offices, hospitals, and care facilities keep the world moving! Sure the doctors write the prescriptions but the nurses keep us company, they keep us comfortable, they feed us, and care for us, they clean up after us, they care. […]

Easy Ways You Can Divide Spaces in Your Apartment

Looking to create separate spaces in your apartment home? There are ways to give you separation and divide up areas without needing to build walls or do a renovation. We’re briging you 5 easy ways to divide spaces in your apartment that are low impact, low cost, and still give you fantastic results! Easy Ways […]

How to Eliminate Funky Smells in Your Home

Cooking smells? Food smells? Pet smells? Your home can pile up with funky smells so we are bringing you tips and tricks for keeping your home fresh. You can get rid of those funky home odors without very much effort or cost by using these tips and tricks. How to Eliminate Funky Smells in Your […]

5 Bedroom Storage Solutions You Need to Stay Organized

The struggle of keeping your bedroom clean is familiar to a lot of us. After a long day, you come home, change your clothes, fail to put anything away and soon your room is a disaster zone. If you have a lot of clothes, or shoes, you might not have enough storage room for everything. […]

5 Tips to Peacefully Share Spaces with Roommates

5 Tips to Peacefully Share Spaces with Roommates It can be difficult to share spaces with roommates, this is especially true if you’ve never lived with a roommate before! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Don’t get frustrated or unhappy, instead, use these 5 tips to peacefully share spaces with roommates! Communication As with any […]