Easy Ways You Can Divide Spaces in Your Apartment

Looking to create separate spaces in your apartment home? There are ways to give you separation and divide up areas without needing to build walls or do a renovation. We’re briging you 5 easy ways to divide spaces in your apartment that are low impact, low cost, and still give you fantastic results! Easy Ways […]

5 Tips to Peacefully Share Spaces with Roommates

5 Tips to Peacefully Share Spaces with Roommates It can be difficult to share spaces with roommates, this is especially true if you’ve never lived with a roommate before! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Don’t get frustrated or unhappy, instead, use these 5 tips to peacefully share spaces with roommates! Communication As with any […]

Renting Vs Buying: The Cost of Home Ownership

As the housing market changes, buying a home may seem like a wise investment. However, there are hidden costs about home ownership that you may not see coming. We’re breaking down the pros and cons of renting vs buying a home. You might not know about these hidden costs that can really pile up when […]

Summertime Survival: Tips to Keep your Apartment Cool and Energy Bills Low

The high temperatures that come with summer can make it a real challenge to keep your apartment cool without spending a fortune. If you are lucky enough to have central air in your apartment, the electric cost alone can quickly break your budget. Unfortunately, the summertime heat and air conditioning don’t result in a lower […]

Best of Fall: Recipes, Projects & Fun!

drawings of fall leaves around a square that says The BEST Fall Projects and Recipes

Autumn is officially upon us with the first day of Fall kicking off the season on September 23. What isn’t there to love about fall? Warm drinks, cozy sweaters, beautiful fall colors, cooler weather, and family holidays are all the things that we love about Fall! We’ve prepared a list of some of our favorite […]

Dog Friendly Places in Tulsa

yellow background and small terrier dog jumping up on the right side of image. Image says in blue text "Dog Friendly Places in Tulsa, Oklahoma."

Dogs are man’s best friend which means we want to bring our dogs wherever we can. Lucky for you, we have done some research on dog friendly places in Tulsa. Here are our favorite restaurants, parks and hiking trails that you can enjoy with your dog. Our favorite Dog Friendly Places in Tulsa: Dog Friendly […]