Create the Best Grilled Cheese You’ve Ever Had Right In Your Own Kitchen

Image of grilled cheese sandwich sitting on a while plate. The sandwich has lettuce, tomato, and cheese.

Finding grilled cheese in Tulsa is not hard…you can make the best grilled cheese of your life in your own kitchen today! Let’s look at some delicious recipes to learn how to make the most amazing grilled cheese ever.  The Best Grilled Cheese Recipes:  Let’s take a look at some of the most amazing recipes […]

Feeling Crafty?

Image of brown paper rolled out on a table with twine and fresh eucalyptus branches on top. There is a wrapped package in the upper right hand corner of the image.

Do you feel like doing some crafting in Tulsa? These rainy day spring crafts will make you feel happy and accomplished. You can keep your little ones busy even during spring showers! We’re also sharing our favorite craft stores in Tulsa so you can find all the supplies you need for these adorable indoor activities. […]

Indoor Workout Routines

Clipart image of woman doing yoga while watching a yoga instructor on the television in the background.

Need a new workout routine to keep you busy? Can’t make it to the gym but still want to stay fit? These indoor workout routines will keep you active, fit, and healthy! It’s easy to get a great workout from your apartment. There’s no need to hunt down fancy gym equipment or gear. You don’t […]

Coziest Places in Tulsa to Catch Up with an Old Friend

Image of man and woman sitting at a restaurant. The man is serving salad to another person at the table who we can't see.

Feeling like you really need to catch up with an old friend? Need the best place to do that in Tulsa? Check out some of our favorite cozy spots below!  It’s likely we all have someone on our list that we’d like to catch up with, as time slips by and eventually we’re feeling like […]

Best Dog Beds for Your Pup

Image of doberman dog sitting on a dog bed in front of a fireplace that isn't on.

We are sharing the best pet beds so you can choose the perfect option for you and your pups. We want all the pets in Tulsa and all the pets in our MCResidential communities to have the comfiest of comfy beds! Looking for the best pet stores in Broken Arrow?  There are several options for […]

The Week Before Thanksgiving To-Do List

Image of apple and pumpkin pie sitting on a wooden table.

When it comes to Thanksgiving things can really sneak up on us…especially this year when there is so much going on in the world! Let this ‘Week Before Thanksgiving to-do List’ help you plan for a smooth, fun, and fabulous Thanksgiving celebration!  If you are hosting Thanksgiving you are probably already stressing about how to […]

Summer Solstice: Best Ways to Kick off the Season in Tulsa

Summer Solstice — also known as the first day of summer — has arrived! Summer in Oklahoma is that magical time of year when barbecues and road trips reign, when work slows and summer holidays mean getting together with friends and family. Just thinking about it likely brings up the smell of fresh cut grass […]

How To Have A Date Night At Home!

Image of man and woman eating dinner with a glass of wine at home on a date.

Learning how to have a date night at home is important for keeping the spark alive in your relationship! Here are a bunch of great ideas for how to have a fun date night at home without having to stress too much about the logistics of a date night in. How To Have A Date […]

Our Favorite Smart Home Technology + Renovated Apartments in Tulsa

Image of person holding a cell phone in front of a two story home. There are images of icons that show all the different technological advances in a house today.

Have you done any smart home technology upgrades? We have! Our renovated apartments in Tulsa have some exciting smart home tech features! Read more below to learn why these are our favorite smart home technology upgrades and learn more about where you can find these tech upgrades featured in our MCLife communities! Our Favorite Smart […]